Our Rockstar cookies turned out so amazing

by Mouna


Our Rockstar cookies turned out so amazing – experimenting with the same recipe – in a vegan/gluten free version … stay tuned. Side note – I picked up this organic brown sugar at Aldi’s – I’ve never been to one of their stores before – best brown sugar I’ve found!!

The vegan/gluten free version turned out soooooo good!!! Cookie was crisp and delicious. I had to bake them for about 27 minutes – a little longer than the original version.

The only thing I’m going to switch out is the pretzel. These gluten free ones were really good on their own but not so much in the cookie. I think baking them for so long turned them into a bit of a cardboard texture. I’m going to try a different shape instead of the pretzel sticks. Other than that – cookie was delicious!

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